If you want to take care of your dog well, follow the specialists advice

If you want to take care of your dog well, follow the specialists advice

The specialist for 16 years who looks after two cats and seven dogs, six of them are the German shephard breed, advices before buying any breed dog find out your wishes, hopes and opportunities to look after the dog. What is more, inquire about the dog‘s character features.

Before buying a dog, ask yourself some questions. What do I expect to change after purchasing a dog? What do I expect from the dog? What do I want the dog for: to do sports, to train, to have a loyal friend, reliable guard or lovely pet? And the most important thing – how am I going to keep it at home? Taking into consideration the last question, you should take into account the possibility of being allergic to dogs, mud and your pet‘s hair all around the place you live in.

There are some people who can‘t live with these disadvantages, that‘s why they shouldn‘t keep the dog or should choose the breed that is with less hair or hairless. “It is very significant to pay attention to these inconveniencies and the beauty of your pet should be in the last place“, says the specialist.

If you are already sure about the keeping a dog, visit it some times, get aquainted with it and communicate with it.

It is very important to pay attention to the dog‘s behaviour when you are planning to buy it. If the dog keeps the distance from its pack, plays alone or only sleeps, it means that the dog was born with a damaged social instinct and it won‘t need much contact and communication with its owner.

Finally, there are a lot of dogs for sale and a lot of dogs‘ sellers, as a result, it is very significant to choose the best ones.

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